Last Thursday Bodington Football Hub opened its doors officially and welcomed its main partners, The Football Foundation and Leeds City Council, alongside the contractors, and University and community football clubs that would be using the facility. 

Located at Sports Park Bodington – part of the University of Leeds – the new hub is built in partnership with the Football Foundation and includes three full-size, artificial 3G floodlit football pitches, car parking and a pavilion with changing facilities and a café. 

A purpose-built football hub

A purpose-built football hub that is the first of its kind to be built in partnership with the Football Foundation and a University partner. The hub will be hosting over 100 community teams alongside the university’s social leagues, competitive clubs and some local adult sides. 

It has been made possible thanks to a £4.3m grant from the Football Foundation which is a charity supported by the Premier League, the Football Association and the Government. 

Bodington Football Hub Launch

Ella Williams, Activities & Opportunities Officer, Leeds University Union (LUU) said:  

“LUU is here to help students love their time at Leeds, and for me that includes being part of a wider community in the city and the region.

“While the Hub will host many community clubs, I know that our own footballers are excited about having access to this state-of-the-art facility and about the University and the Football Foundation contributing to local sport in this way.”

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