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Throughout 2019 we read some truly inspiring stories as our community of Edge members nominated each other for Member of the Month. As our membership team were taking stock of the last year and reading back through the nominations and winners of each month we thought it only right that we let you reflect on last year’s winners and give you the chance to pick a Member of the Year 2019!

Take a look through all of the winners below, starting in May when we launched our Member of the Month, then head to the bottom of the page to cast your vote. The winner will be announced next week!

Members of the Month 2019

  • Chloe Brooks
    May 2019: Chloe Brooks

    Chloe participated in the Marathon des Sables to raise money for Hope for Children.

    “After months of training at The Edge, I recently ran the famous Marathon des Sables to raise money for Hope for Children and finished 27th female overall. I hope this shows that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to, as long as you put in the work and believe in yourself.” – Chloe.

  • Arthur Briant
    June 2019: Arthur Briant

    Nominated by: Georgia Tomova

    Arthur has shown impressive dedication to training and become an influential Edge member.

    “Arthur’s main goal is to achieve exceptional strength while promoting the benefits of natural bodybuilding over performance-enhancing drugs. There are very few members who are unfamiliar with Arthur and his dedication to training which is a reflection of his commitment and focus on his goals. Despite his success, he remains humble and willing to help others.” – Georgia

  • Faith Bonner
    July 2019: Faith Bonner

    Nominated by: Amy Reeder (Senior Swimming Instructor)

    Faith has demonstrated outstanding dedication and improvement in her swimming.

    “In the space of 4 months, Faith has gone from being completely unable to swim to swimming lengths confidently without any supervision. It was a privilege to help her achieve her goal of being able to swim in time for her trip to Norway where she will be swimming outside in the Fjords! I am so proud of her.” – Amy

  • Fei Chen
    August 2019: Fei Chen

    Nominated by: Ali Kteich (Personal Trainer)

    Fei has shown great determination in her fitness and refused to give up on her goals.

    “For years Fei was struggling to achieve her fitness goals. Despite this, she did not give up and tried a variety of different approaches to reach the next level. She has shown amazing dedication and commitment and in the space of just 1 month has achieved an amazing transformation.” – Ali

  • Leon Taavo
    September 2019: Leon Taavo

    Leon has achieved great success in track running and also shown dedication in overcoming injury.

    “Leon is very hard working and ambitious, he has shown great determination in progressing as highly as possible in his track sprinting career.”
    “I had been trying to get back into athletics for years despite a serious injury to my hamstring but after working with Lucia I managed to achieve a 2nd place medal in an Athletics Open. – Leon

  • Anastasia Cardone
    October 2019: Anastasia Cardone

    Anastasia has shown extreme determination in her training and fitness goals, utilising The Edge to its fullest in order to supplement her running. 

    “I train at The Edge most days. At first I would mostly swim, hitting records of 10 Km in the pool. I then started doing spin class, Yoga, Pilates and gym sessions to improve strength and flexibility. I started running with the GOGA club and am now preparing for a 33km run. I have also run three half-marathons this year so far.” – Anastasia

  • David and Julia
    November 2019: David Barton and Julia Geddes

    Nominated by Aimee Lewis (Personal Trainer)

    Our first-ever joint Members of the Month, David and Julia, have been commended for their constant positive and upbeat attitudes in classes and encouraging classmates.

    “David and Julia have been coming to The Edge for a very long time but have never stopped bringing positivity and smiles to every class they attend. They always perform exceptionally well and ensure they do their best while encouraging others and being a constant positive influence to their classmates.” – Aimee

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