Let’s Move For A Better World

This March, get involved in the 2018 Technogym Let’s Move Campaign.

Simply, log onto MyWellness and start tracking your moves from the 12th – 31st March, to support the social cause against obesity and sedentary lifestyles and win some fantastic prizes for the community.

Let’s Move

To find out more about the Let’s Move for a Better World Campaign, read their mission:

“By taking part in the Let’s Move for a Better World Campaign, you pledge to donate the physical activity performed in your facility to a social cause. To give everyone the same chance and opportunity, irrespective of age, sex and level of physical fitness, we created the MOVE, a new way to measure physical activity that bonds the whole community!” – Technogym 




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* By signing up to MyWellness you are submitting your data to Technogym in line with their privacy policy.