Fundraising with the University of Leeds Women’s Hockey Club

This semester, the University of Leeds Women’s Hockey Club have been very busy with lots of charity events and they don’t intend to stop!

Raffle Prizes

They started off the term with Race Night, the annual fundraiser hosted by the women’s hockey club. It’s a night of horse races, a raffle and lots of fun to raise money for SUDEP ACTION (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy). The hockey club puts a lot of effort into giving to this charity, as tragically they lost a member of the club Emily Sumaria, to epilepsy 5 years ago.

There was lots of support for the event, with the men’s hockey club attending to help raise money.  Local companies were very generous, donating a wide range of amazing raffle prizes. The Community Secretary even donated her house in Portugal for a week! Loads of people were vying for the coveted raffle tickets, resulting in lots of happy winners.

The evening, held at Grovesnor Casino, was a huge success and the club managed to raise over £1000. This was a great event to kick-start the fundraising for the year. Shortly after this, they completed the annual Channel Swim Challenge. This is a challenge where the club swims the length of the channel collectively, at The Edge swimming pool. With 27 girls taking part this year, they managed to swim the equivalent of 2 and a half channel swims. One of the girls, Sadie Abel, swam the whole distance of the channel on her own, which was a tremendous achievement!

members of the hockey club in the swimming pool holding a SUDEP charity banner

Throughout the term, all 8 women’s hockey teams held Macmillan Coffee mornings. Getting the teams together with lots of cake was definitely a welcome idea and they managed to raise over £500. The last charity event of the semester is the ‘Hockey Hot Pot’. This is where each person puts in £3 and the teams have to cook a meal for their squad using as little money as possible. Whatever is left over is then donated to charity.

So far, the total raised is £4216. Their target for the year is £17,000, we’re sure they’ll achieve this and beat last years total of £16,687!

Girls hockey team with cakes

If you would like to help the club reach their target and donate to a very worthwhile cause click here.