Women Only Strength Training Courses

Do you walk into the weights room filled with confusion? Or worst are you intimidated by all that equipment? Does the sound of weight training echo through your brain at night?

Do not worry, The Edge is here to banish those fears from your mind.

From Monday 23rd January, our Women Only Strength Training courses are back by popular demand.

Strength Training is a great way to get fit, lean and lose weight. Research has shown the benefits of adding weights into your workouts. Not only does it lower body fat, but also reduces your risk of heart disease and diabetes. It has also been shown to help battle depression and increase your energy levels!

Our Women Only Strength Training courses are the perfect opportunity for beginners or intermediates to learn techniques to improve their workouts and reach their fitness goals.

The course will run for 6 weeks, one session per week, and will be taught by our expert Personal Trainer team. The sessions will cover the main lifts of resistance training, as well as the concepts and common training methods. We will also provide useful tips on nutrition.

Let’s be honest; all of us want to be stronger, healthier and look how we feel! Our Women Only Strength Courses can give you the techniques that will help make this a reality.

You can choose to attend the course before your work day or in the evening.

The first session starts on Monday 23rd January and run throughout the week. The courses only cost £65!*

The courses are a great chance to learn new techniques in a friendly environment, and let your body reap the rewards!

There are limited spaces, so don’t miss you chance to sign up now!

Book onto the course that suits your lifestyle best! Check our table below for course session times.

Monday07:00 & 18:00
Friday06.30 & 18:30

Call us at 0113 343 5095 or come into Edge reception to book now.

*Non-members will have to pay the additional non-member entry fee