Archon Fitness Challenge Results 2017

Winners have been calculated using the Archon assessment calculations and take into account individuals metrics such as height, weight age etc. to ensure that everyone can be scored on one league table in a fair and accurate way. This ensures that a woman weighing 55kg with a back squat of 100kg would score higher than a male who weighs 100kg with a back squat of 140kg as she performs at a higher rate and that older participants competing in events are ranked equally when competing against 17-25 year olds.



Overall winners were:

Top Scoring Female Student Participants: 

  1. 584 points – Rosie Blount
  2. 532 points – Chloe Boomer
  3. 480 points – Charlotte Evans


Top Scoring Male Student Participants: 

  1. 447 points Joe Nellany
  2. 435 points Abdulaziz Adekola
  3. 431 points Ben Donohoe


Top Scoring Non Student Edge Member:

  1. 417 points Josh Wetherill


Individual Event Top scorers: 

PTW SQUAT – Chloe Boomer

PTW BENCH – Joe Nellany

505 – Rosie Blount

5105 – Rosie Blount

BROAD JUMP – Rosie Blount

VERTICAL JUMP – Chloe Boomer

60 METRE SHUTTLE – Chloe Boomer

3 MINUTE WATT BIKE – Nicolas Peters

THE 2000 METRE ROW – Matthew Ashall


Full event results can be found here.

All our winners will be contacted shortly with details of prizes and the awards ceremony.

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