Class Updates

To check our class timetable, please click here. Members can book onto classes up to 2 days in advance, from 6:00am using the online site, and bookings over the phone on 0113 343 5095 or in person at The Edge can be made from 6:30am.


If you cannot attend a pre-booked class, please remember to cancel your place so that another customer can take advantage of this.


Body Attack has been cancelled on Thursday 14th September at 17:45


Class Changes for week commencing Monday 18th September 2017

Monday 18th

12:30 Pilates                            CANCELLED

16:30 Hatha Yoga                   CROMER TERRACE

17:30 Pilates                            CROMER TERRACE

18:15 Zumba                            CROMER TERARCE


Tuesday 19th

12:00 BWC                               CANCELLED

13:00 Piyo                                  STUDIO 2

17:00 Pilates                             CROMER TERRACE

17:45 Hatha Yoga                    CROMER TERRACE

18:30 Kung Fu                          CANCELLED


Wednesday 20th

12:00 Pilates                            HALL 2

12:50 BLT                                 CANCELLED

13:45 Beginners Pilates          CROMER TERRACE

17:00 Hatha Yoga                   CROMER TERRACE

18:00 SPA Pilates                   CROMER TERRACE


Thursday 21st

12:00 Pilates                            CROMER TERRACE

13:00 Pilates                            CROMER TERRACE

17:00 BWC                               CANCELLED


Friday 22nd

07:15 Yoga                               CANCELLED

08:00 Yoga                              CANCELLED

17:15 Hatha Yoga                    CROMER TERARCE

18:00 Yoga Nidra                    CROMER TERRACE