Edge Member of the year (2019)

A huge congratulations to Arthur Briant, our first official Edge member of The Year (as voted by you)!

We have been amazed by the level of talent, thoughtfulness and determination showcased by our members throughout 2019 and are so proud of everyone’s accomplishments. We saw a variety of impressive feats ranging from epic dedication in training to charitable fundraising to general good nature and support between members.

All of our member of the month winners have been a true inspiration, however unfortunately there can only be one Member of 2019.

We offered you the chance to pick the one individual who stands out among the rest as a true L(EDGE)end.


Arthur Briant

Arthur Briant has shown impressive dedication to training and become an influential Edge member.

“There are very few members of the Edge gym who are unfamiliar with Arthur and his utmost dedication to training. You can rarely walk into the gym and not see him working hard and doing his best, which is a reflection of his admirable commitment and focus on his goals. On his Instagram page @arthurbriant, you can see the history of his transformation and exceptional achievements, including his latest personal best of 180kg bench press. Arthur has proven that all goals are achievable, regardless of the obstacles on the way, as long as you choose to be patient, hard-working and resilient.

Arthur’s main goal is to achieve exceptional strength and physique and to promote the benefits of natural bodybuilding over the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Despite being successful and focused on his goals, he is very humble and always ready to help others. He is often the first to enter the gym and the last to leave, and many would agree that The Edge fitness suite would not be the same without him!” – Georgia Tomova


Great job Arthur, 2019 truly was your year!


We look forward to seeing what 2020 has to bring.