Coach Education – Massage Course Student Discount

The aims of the Coach Education Programme are to give students, staff and members of the public the opportunity to develop important skills and gain qualifications within all areas of sport.

This includes: coaching, officiating and performance support. We offer National Governing Body Awards, First Aid Qualifications, SCUK Workshops and Professional Fitness and Leisure Qualifications. All of our courses are priced to offer the best rates for our customers. Completing these courses with us can directly lead to paid work or give you the valuable experience needed in areas that interest you whilst providing you with contacts that will support you through your development in order to achieve your goals.

Upcoming courses:

Sports Massage course: Saturday 12th-Wednesday 16th December. Special student discount £500!
FA Basic Referee course: Starting Tuesday 1st December-£110
Futsal Referee Conversion Course: Friday 18th December-£40
Kinesiology Taping and Strapping: Sunday 20th December- £100

Still undecided if it is for you? Then have a read of a student who undertook one of the courses and how she made money from gaining a qualification. 

Sally Warren

Which courses have you done?

Sport and Remedial Massage Diploma

Why did you choose to do these courses?

At the end of my first year of my BSc Sports and Exercise Sciences degree, I developed an interest into rehabilitation and the hands on practicalities of treatment. Applying my theoretical knowledge and anatomy I knew sports massage would be a beneficial course for me to go on, providing me with extra skills, enhancing my degree knowledge and prospective for a physiotherapy masters.

Did you enjoy the course?

I really enjoyed the course. It was an intense week of working hard with a lot to learn but the course leaders were supportive and I felt learning it all together helped me grasp it in one go and learn efficiently. We practised the massage on different students throughout the week, having the opportunity to rotate and develop the massage skills on a variety of physiques, injuries, shapes and sizes.

Would you recommend these courses to others?

I would recommend the course to others if you are interested in rehabilitation, working in physiotherapy, or wanting extra practical skills to enhance your degree.

What have you used your qualifications for?

Since graduating at The University of Leeds with a 2:1 in Sports and Exercise Sciences in 2014, I am now studying my MSc Pre-Registration Physiotherapy degree at Kings College London to become a qualified physiotherapist. Having the massage diploma has proved to be extremely beneficial for me because on placements/ in the work environment I will have that extra knowledge and confidence. I have used my massage diploma for volunteering at pre/post running massages, sports club events, live events such as working backstage at the Clothes Show Live Birmingham with the top UK dancers, and my own private massaging. The more experience you can gain will help to enhance your skills further and you will have more of an advantage in the competitive field.

Have you gone onto any paid work as a result of your qualifications?

If you remain insured you can work self-employed or take your skills into sports teams or private massage. I have continued massaging as a result of my qualification since, both volunteering and paid.

What are you doing now?

Studying MSc Pre-Registration Physiotherapy