Leeds Varsity 2015

It was a day full of rain but that didn’t dampen the mood for Leeds Varsity 2015.

The 11th year of the competition between local rivals, The University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University was as competitive as ever and culminated in a record attendance at the rugby finale. 14,250 spectators attended the match at Headingley Carnegie Stadium, a bigger crowd than the Namibia v Georgia Rugby World Cup Game taking place at the same time!

As ever the day was packed with intense competition and both universities battled hard against each other throughout the day. Each university took the overall lead at different points in the day, making it too close to call leading into the rugby finale.

The University of Leeds started the day off in perfect style with a 3-0 win in the indoor rowing, this followed on from a good start in pool for the biathlon who later went on to win both the men’s and women’s. The university continued to dominate in the pool, effortlessly winning both the men’s and women’s swimming gala and water polo. Still on home turf at The Edge the university took a clean sweep in the handball winning both men’s and women’s matches as well as winning the korfball 17 – 9.

In the hockey the women won 3 of their 4 matches, the 4th team scoring a massive 9 goals to Leeds Becketts-0! The men’s 1’s and 4’s meanwhile won their games with the 4th team getting to double figures against Leeds Beckett. Over the fence on the 3G the women’s lacrosse team won their game but the men couldn’t keep up with beckett. Despite the awful weather the football went ahead on some very wet pitches with Leeds Beckett succeeding in both the men’s and women’s games.

Due to the weather some rugby games were cancelled and the Golf had to be abandoned with both sides splitting the point up for grabs. There were serious doubts about the rugby finale at Headingley Carnegie Stadium but following an emergency pitch inspection everyone was assured the game would go ahead!

Back indoors and the university netball teams had some very close matches, the 2nd team won in the last game of the day and the 3rd and 4th team missed out on victory by just one or two points. Meanwhile the university table tennis team took a convincing 16-1 win and the men’s squash teams won both their games against beckett. Luckily the cricket was indoor away from the rain and both men’s and women’s 1st teams came away victorious.

One of the last games of the date was the rugby league game which was the closest it’s ever been with just 1 point in it. Leeds Beckett won 23-22 as the University missed a last second penalty from the halfway line.

Going into the rugby final the results were too close to call and the boys went on the field with everything to play for in front of a deafening crowd at Headingley Carnegie Stadium. Despite a valiant effort by the team Leeds Beckett took the lead and the University couldn’t catch up. Leeds Beckett won 27 – 13 to make the overall Leeds Varsity score 30.5 – 27.5 on the night. Congratulations to Leeds Beckett University on their 11th varsity win.

“It was truly a fantastic day of sport and to have nearly 15k supporters in the stadium is a testament to the hard work of the Leeds Sport and Carnegie Sports teams and a reflection of how university sport can engage and inspire a significant proportion of our student community.

To be defeated by 3 points is desperately disappointing, but the progress we have made over the past couple of years following the launch of our Sports Strategy and the creation of the Leeds Sports team (previously Separate LUU and SPA sports development teams) is significant – and the whole team are committed to getting a varsity win within the next few years.”

Rob Wadsworth- Head of Sport

Well done to all players, coaches, volunteers, staff and spectators for the huge commitment and dedication to Leeds Varsity 2015.

A full list of results can be seen below and check out the Leeds Varsity 2015 photo album on the Gryphons Sport Facebook Page.


American Football:  Uni 0-55 Beckett
Athletics M (Track & Field):  Uni 52-87 Beckett
Athletics W (Track & Field):  Uni 46-77 Beckett

Badminton M1:  TBC
Badminton M2:  Uni 4-5 Beckett
Badminton M3:  TBC
Badminton W1:  Uni 6-2 Beckett
Badminton W2: TBC
Basketball M1:  Uni 60-68 Beckett
Basketball M2:  Uni 65-55 Beckett
Basketball W1:  Uni 35-47 Beckett
Biathlon W:  Uni 1-0 Beckett
Biathlon M:  Uni 1-0 Beckett

Cricket M1:  Uni 10-5 Beckett
Cricket M2: Uni 5-10 Beckett
Cricket W1: Uni 10-5 Beckett
Cross Country: Uni 1-0 Beckett

Football M1: Uni 0-1 Beckett
Football M2: Uni 3-6 Beckett
Football M3: Uni 1 – Beckett 1 (Uni lost on penalties)
Football M4: Uni 3-3 Beckett (Uni lost on penalties)
Football W1: Uni 1-11 Beckett
Football W2: Uni 0-5 Beckett
Football W3: Uni 0-16 Beckett

Golf (Mixed): Uni 1-1 Beckett

Handball M: Uni 26-22: Beckett
Handball W: Uni 26-24 Beckett
Hill Climb: TBC
Hockey M1: Uni 4- Beckett 1
Hockey M2: 1 3 Beckett
Hockey M3: TBC
Hockey M4: Uni 9-0 Beckett
Hockey W1: Uni 2-0 Beckett
Hockey W2: Uni 2-0 Beckett
Hockey W3: Uni 4-1 Beckett
Hockey W4: Uni 9-0 Beckett

Indoor Rowing: Uni 3-0 Beckett
Korfball: Uni 17-9 Beckett

Lacrosse M1: Uni 1-16 Beckett
Lacrosse W1: Uni 20-8 Beckett
Lacrosse W2: Cancelled

Netball 1: Uni 23-47 Beckett
Netball 2: Uni 46-42 Beckett
Netball 3: Uni 34-35 Beckett
Netball 4: Uni 34-36 Beckett

Rugby League 1: Uni 22-23 Beckett
Rugby Union M1: Uni 13-27 Beckett
Rugby Union M2: Cancelled
Rugby Union M3: Cancelled
Rugby Union W1: Uni 10-33 Beckett

Squash M1: Uni 5-0 Beckett
Squash M2: Uni 3-0 Beckett
Squash W1: Uni 1-3 Beckett
Swimming M: Uni 105-15 Beckett
Swimming W: Uni 69-48 Beckett

Table Tennis M1: Uni 16-1 Beckett
Tennis M1: Uni 0-12 Beckett
Tennis M2: Uni 0-12 Beckett
Tennis M3: TBC
Tennis M4: TBC
Tennis W1: TBC
Tennis W2: TBC
Tennis W3: TBC

Volleyball M1: TBC
Volleyball W1: Uni 3-0 Beckett

Waterpolo M1: Uni 22-9 Beckett
Waterpolo W1: Uni 23-7 Beckett

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University of Leeds Staff Squash League

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Are you interested in meeting some new people and exercising in a fun environment? Then join the University of Leeds Staff Squash League!

This is a friendly league and is open to ALL abilities. To join you just have to be a University of Leeds staff member, postgraduate or PhD student, University of Leeds Alumni or an Edge public member.
The league is a great way to challenge yourself, meet other squash enthusiasts or if you’ve never played before a good way to get involved in the sport.

There is no cost to join the league, however court booking and entrance fees may apply.

For more information, please contact squash@leeds.ac.uk.