Do Something Life-changing

A team of 3 staff and 11 students have been chosen to lead the life-changing Gryphons Abroad project in the Kwa-Zulu Natal region of South Africa which will raise student aspirations through education and increase student access to education.

One of the exciting projects the team will undertake is increasing the number of girls who have access to education. To achieve this the team aim to take a bike each to South Africa to give to a student. Some students are expected to complete jobs at home such as making the breakfast and dinner meaning they do not have the time to walk hours to school and back each day. Having a bike will considerably reduce the time it takes for these students to get to school meaning they will be able to attend and access education as well as doing their jobs at home.

We need your help!

If you have any old adult bikes that you no longer need then please donate them in January:

  • Needed: Adult mountain bikes and hybrid bikes (no Road bikes please)
  • When: 11th January – 12th Febraury, 12 – 1pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Where: You can donate bikes at Cromer Terrace Studios 

In order to get all the resources the team need for this project and ship everything to South Africa they also need to raise over £30,000 in just 5 months. The team have already kick started their fundraising with a 12 hour Spin-a-thon and donations from ticket sales of guest speaker Sean Conway have a current total of around £500.
There is still a long way to go but keep a look out for some exciting events happening soon!

For more information please contact the project lead, Any Lockwood: 

Gryphons Abroad 12 Hour Spin-a-thon

The Edge News

On Monday 30th November, the Gryphons Abroad team are going to be running a Spin-a-thon event at The Edge to raise awareness and funds for the life changing programme that they will be delivering in one of the least privileged areas of South Africa during June 2016.

The Spin-a-thon will be a 12 hour event running from 8am until 8pm, taking place in the café area in The Edge. Bikes will be manned for half hour slots by staff, the gryphons abroad team and are also open to members of The Edge! Sign up for a half hour slot at The Edge reception or just come along on the day to show your support to the team and this fantastic cause! A little background information on the programme itself can be found below:


In June 2016, a team of 11 University of Leeds students travel to South Africa to work on the inaugural Gryphons Abroad programme. The team will travel with three members of the Leeds Sport team to deliver life changing programmes to the people of Zulu Natal and also at home in the Leeds Area. This brand new programme aims to develop and deliver an innovative and sustainable programme that inspires and motivates change in young people and communities both in Leeds and South Africa through sport, learning and leadership.

The plan is to deliver a mix of sport and education in two different areas of Zulu Natal based on the needs of each local community and the strengths of the staff and students delivering.

Working together with St Mary’s Menston School and the Bambisanani Partnership this new programme will work alongside the programmes that are already established.

Inspiring through Education

The first part of our project trip will be concerned with the delivery of a Mini Gryphon Degree in a local Primary School. Working alongside our student volunteers we will plan and prepare a mini degree programme linked to the strengths of our student team.

We will deliver a wide range of educational lessons alongside a sporting programme to a chosen cohort of students over a five day spell. The final day will include a Mini Degree presentation and a sports day.

Cycling to Success

The second part of our project trip will be concerned with the delivery of a Learn to Cycle programme in a rural secondary school. Working alongside our student volunteers we will plan and prepare a Learn to Cycle programme to deliver to South African learners and to South African teachers.

Over the course of five days we will show learners how to ride and maintain their bikes to enable them to get better access to education and their wider community.

Part of this programme back in the UK will be to source and deliver bicycles to the school in South Africa.

Sean Conway, Extreme Adventurer comes to Leeds

Ever considered cycling the length of Britain?
How about running the length of Britain?
What about swimming the length of Britain?

Meet Sean Conway, the first and only man to do all three.

Sean Conway is an extreme endurance adventurer and his next challenge is to complete a triathlon in one of the most inhospitable climates in the world; the arctic circle in Norway.

On December 1st Sean will be coming to the University of Leeds to talk about why he sold his business for just £1 to follow his dreams. He will reflect on what he has achieved and learnt about himself and there will be a question and answer session followed by the chance to meet Sean and have any books signed.

Tickets are only £5 + booking fee with £2.50 going towards the Gryphons Abroad charity project in South Africa.

Talk Details:

Date: 1st December
Time: 7 – 8.30pm
Location: Rupert Beckett lecture Theatre- University of Leeds
Cost: £5 + Booking Fee. £2.50 from each ticket sale will go towards the gryphons abroad charity project in South Africa.