My name is Emily and I’m 18 (excited to be turning 19 here in South Africa). I study International Relations and have found seeing the rural and traditional lifestyles incredibly interesting. It’s amazing to hear stories of the students’ lives and their perceptions on life. 

We started the day with a dance to ‘waka waka’ upon request from the students. We loved it as much as they did! I was working with the ‘expert group’ today. Day two of cycling involved setting up lots of obstacle courses and challenges like standing up in the seat and passing cones whilst cycling. It is unbelievable how fast the kids have learnt and how determined they are to keep cycling.Kids in South Africa repairing a bicycle

After a chatty lunch we started the maintenance training. Today the kids successfully learnt how to change a tyre and no one was afraid to get their hands dirty. It as great to hear the girls excited about practical mechanics and sharing ambitions to become an engineer.  The day finished with beach ball games in the sun and an incredible meet and greet at the local primary school.

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