The fitness suite and spin studio will be closing from Wednesday 20 July for a major refurbishment and therefore members will no longer be able to access these spaces until the work is completed. In the meantime, we shall be providing alternative spaces for our members to train.

We will be re-introducing a booking system during this time in order to manage capacity effectively. Further details on how to book here.

Alternative space for the fitness suite

Alternative spaces that will be available for the fitness suite during the refurbishment will be Studio 1, the Strength & Conditioning room and Squash court 2. All these spaces are located on the ground floor.

  • Studio 1 – Cardio equipment including treadmills, stair climbers, cross trainers, rowers and bikes.
  • Strength & Conditioning room – Resistance equipment including squat racks, lifting platforms, sled track, benches, dumbbells, plyo boxes, leg press and Watt bikes.
  • Squash court 2 – warm up and stretching space

Alternative space for the spin studio

Squash court 1 will be used as a temporary spin studio during the refurbishment.

Due to the refurbishment and the alternate use of space within The Edge, some classes will be moved to Cromer Terrace. Please make sure to check the exercise class timetable before attending your class to avoid any confusion.

We are excited to begin work on upgrading our facilities and will work hard to ensure that the disruption to member’s training is minimal. If you would like any further information, please contact reception.