BUCS Wednesday Round Up – Cup Special

Varsity Lacrosse Huddle

A successful Cup and Trophy week for our Gryphons seeing 8 teams through to the last 16 in the Trophy and 7 teams into the quarter finals of the Cup.    

An outstanding performance from our womens rugby team, hitting triple figures winning 107 -0 against Glasgow Caledonian University.

Away from the fortress the mens first team football made the long journey north to beat Edinburgh 2-1 to take them into the next round. Elsewhere for the mens 2s went to penalties after a thrilling 3-3 draw with Teeside, the visitors came away triumphant beating our lads 4-3 in penalties to progress into the next round of the Cup.

Fantastic double wins over the Scots from the mens and womens fencing club to advance through the Cup with mens hockey 1st team convincingly beating University of Birmingham 3s 6-1.

Elsewhere our women’s snowriders dominated the slopes at the BUCS Indoor North Snow Competition. Sholar Gillian Finnerty did the double, taking gold in racing and slopestlye assisting to the womens overall team taking gold.

Home Results
Badminton Womens 1 University of Birmingham Womens 1st Premier North 5 3 WIN
Basketball Womens 1 University of St Andrews Womens 1st Trophy 27 85 LOSS
Basketball Mens 1 Northumbria University Mens 3rd Northern Conf Cup 78 55 WIN
Fencing Womens University of Edinburgh Womens 2nd Trophy 135 65 WIN
Fencing Mens University of Aberdeen Mens 2nd Trophy 135 75 WIN
Football Mens 2 Teesside University Mens 1st Northern Conf Cup 3 4 LOSS
Football Womens 2 University of Cumbria Womens 1st (Carlisle) Northern Conf Cup 1 3 LOSS
Golf Durham University Mixed 2nd Northern 1A 3.5 2.5 WIN
Hockey Mens 1 University of Birmingham Mens 3rd Trophy 6 1 WIN
Hockey Womens 1 University of Birmingham Womens 1st Premier A North 0 7 LOSS
Lacrosse Womens 2 Northumbria University Womens 1st Northern Conf Cup 8 18 LOSS
Rugby League Mens 1 Northumbria University Mens 1st Premier North 16 42 LOSS
Rugby Union Womens 1 Glasgow Caledonian University Womens 1st Trophy 107 WIN
Squash Mens 1 Manchester Metropolitan University Mens 1st (Manchester) Northern 1A 5 0 WIN
Tennis Mens 2 Durham University Mens 4th Northern Conf Cup 8 4 WIN
Water Polo Womens Manchester Metropolitan University Womens 1st (Manchester) Northern 1A 12 2 WIN
Water Polo Mens University of Edinburgh Mens 1st Premier North 7 9 LOSS
Away Results
Badminton Womens 2 University of Birmingham Womens 2nd Trophy 1 7 LOSS
Badminton Mens 1 University of Edinburgh Mens 1st Trophy 3 5 LOSS
Football Mens 1 University of Edinburgh Mens 1st Trophy 2 1 WIN
Hockey Mens 2 Durham University Mens 3rd Northern Conf Cup WIN
Hockey Mens 3 Leeds Beckett University (Carnegie) Mens 2nd Northern Conf Cup LOSS
Hockey Womens 2 University of Sheffield Womens 2nd Northern Conf Cup 5 0 WIN
Lacrosse Womens 1 University of Nottingham Womens 2nd Trophy 29 0 WIN
Lacrosse Mens 1 University of St Andrews Mens 1st Trophy 5 6 LOSS
Netball Womens 2 Sheffield Hallam University Womens 1st Northern Conf Cup 40 35 WIN
Rugby Union Mens 1 Leeds Beckett University (Carnegie) Mens 1st Premier North A 17 34 LOSS
Rugby Union Mens 3 Northumbria University Mens 2nd Northern Conf Cup 29 26 WIN
Table Tennis Mens 2 Sheffield Hallam University Mens 1st Northern Conf Cup 1 16 LOSS
Tennis Mens 1 Leeds Beckett University (Carnegie) Mens 2nd Trophy 0 12 LOSS
Volleyball Mens University of Glasgow Mens 1st Trophy 0 3 LOSS

Gryphons Abroad 12 Hour Spin-a-thon

The Edge News

On Monday 30th November, the Gryphons Abroad team are going to be running a Spin-a-thon event at The Edge to raise awareness and funds for the life changing programme that they will be delivering in one of the least privileged areas of South Africa during June 2016.

The Spin-a-thon will be a 12 hour event running from 8am until 8pm, taking place in the café area in The Edge. Bikes will be manned for half hour slots by staff, the gryphons abroad team and are also open to members of The Edge! Sign up for a half hour slot at The Edge reception or just come along on the day to show your support to the team and this fantastic cause! A little background information on the programme itself can be found below:


In June 2016, a team of 11 University of Leeds students travel to South Africa to work on the inaugural Gryphons Abroad programme. The team will travel with three members of the Leeds Sport team to deliver life changing programmes to the people of Zulu Natal and also at home in the Leeds Area. This brand new programme aims to develop and deliver an innovative and sustainable programme that inspires and motivates change in young people and communities both in Leeds and South Africa through sport, learning and leadership.

The plan is to deliver a mix of sport and education in two different areas of Zulu Natal based on the needs of each local community and the strengths of the staff and students delivering.

Working together with St Mary’s Menston School and the Bambisanani Partnership this new programme will work alongside the programmes that are already established.

Inspiring through Education

The first part of our project trip will be concerned with the delivery of a Mini Gryphon Degree in a local Primary School. Working alongside our student volunteers we will plan and prepare a mini degree programme linked to the strengths of our student team.

We will deliver a wide range of educational lessons alongside a sporting programme to a chosen cohort of students over a five day spell. The final day will include a Mini Degree presentation and a sports day.

Cycling to Success

The second part of our project trip will be concerned with the delivery of a Learn to Cycle programme in a rural secondary school. Working alongside our student volunteers we will plan and prepare a Learn to Cycle programme to deliver to South African learners and to South African teachers.

Over the course of five days we will show learners how to ride and maintain their bikes to enable them to get better access to education and their wider community.

Part of this programme back in the UK will be to source and deliver bicycles to the school in South Africa.

Free Strength & Conditioning Sessions!

American Football

To help develop our student clubs we will be hosting a number of free Strength & Conditioning sessions for students to attend. This is a unique opportunity to learn from highly experienced professional S&C coaches, with previous experience of working at both Olympic level and in professional sport.


  • Tuesday 1st December at 18:00 pm – Focusing on S&C for female athletes

Where: Leeds Gryphons Strengh & Conditioning Room in The Edge

You will learn

  • How to structure an S&C session
  • How to structure a long-term training programme
  • The principles of training
  • How to create sports and individually specific training programme

In addition, you will receive:

  • Access to coaches contact details
  • The opportunity for further guidance on your training
  • A list of S&C resources recommended by the S&C team to further direct your training.

Register your interest to attend this session using the form below, you will be notified if you have secured a place 3 days in advance of the session.

BUCS Weekend Round Up

Leeds dominated the BUCS duathlon over the weekend at Castle Combe with both the mens and womens team finishing in the top 3 in the team championships.

Sam Dickinson won the individual men’s race then went on to be part of the men’s team who finished top of the team championships ahead of Loughborough in second and rivals Beckett in third. In the womens, we finished second in the team competition behind University of Birmingham with Linda Evans finishing as the top Gryphon in 5th in the women’s individuals.

sam duathlon

Elsewhere Ultimate Frisbee women competed in regional’s with the first team finishing third resulting in an automatic qualification for Nationals. The womens second team finishing 19th and the third team close behind in 21st.


Well done to our Pool & Snooker club who won the UPC 9Ball Championships at the weekend, looking to  dominate the snooker scene as we look to host the BUCS Snooker Championships in March.

For more information and results please check out the BUCS website.

BUCS Wednesday Round Up

Wednesday 18th November 2015

As storm Barney took to Leeds that didn’t dampen our Gryphons spirits seeing Rugby league team confidently beating Sheffield Hallam in all sorts of weather, finishing 44-24.

In the union they had a thrilling game under the lights up North, with the last kick of the game seeing them take away a 17-17 draw against Northumbria. In the women’s game they had a narrow loss of 17-12 against Manchester who sits just above them in the table.

It was wins all round for the basketball club at home seeing all 3 men’s teams winning and the women’s team securing 3 points. The first team won by just two against Northumbria 3s 57-55!

Next week it is BUCS Trophy week where Leeds take on Scotland across a range of sports!

Sport Home Result
Badminton Mens 1 Newcastle University Mens 1st 7 1 WIN
Badminton Womens 2 Newcastle University Womens 1st
Basketball Mens 1 Northumbria University Mens 3rd 57 55 WIN
Basketball Mens 2 Newcastle University Mens 2nd 61 52 WIN
Basketball Mens 3 University of Bradford Mens 2nd 45 41 WIN
Basketball Womens Lancaster University Womens 1st 66 35 WIN
Football Mens 2 University of Hull Mens 1st 2 3 LOSS
Football Mens 3 Sheffield Hallam University Mens 3rd 1 1 DRAW
Football Womens 2 University of Hull Womens 1st 4 1 WIN
Hockey Mens 1 Loughborough University Mens 2nd 2 3 LOSS
Hockey Mens 2 Newcastle University Mens 2nd 2 2 DRAW
Hockey Mens 3 York St John University Mens 1st
Hockey Mens 4 Sheffield Hallam University Mens 3rd 3 2 WIN
Hockey Mens 5 Northumbria University Mens 2nd 1 1 DRAW
Hockey Womens 2 University of Sheffield Womens 2nd 4 2 WIN
Hockey Womens 3 Newcastle University Womens 3rd 4 1 WIN
Lacrosse Womens 2 University of Sheffield Womens 1st LOSS
Netball 3 Sheffield Hallam University Womens 2nd 36 44 LOSS
Netball 4 Leeds Beckett University (Carnegie) Womens 4th 46 28 WIN
Rugby League 1 Sheffield Hallam University Mens 1st 44 24 WIN
Rugby Union Mens 3 Newcastle University Mens 3rd LOSS
Squash Womens 2 Newcastle University Womens 1st 1 3 LOSS
Table Tennis Mens 1 Northumbria University Mens 1st
Tennis Mens 2 Sheffield Hallam University Mens 1st
Tennis Mens 4 University of Hull Mens 2nd
Water Polo Womens Lancaster University Womens 1st 34 1 WIN
Away Result
Badminton Mens 2 Newcastle University Mens 2nd 8 0 WIN
Fencing Mens Durham University Mens 2nd 135 115 WIN
Fencing Womens University of York Womens 1st 135 52 WIN
Football Womens 3 Durham University Womens 3rd 1 7 LOSS
Football Mens 1 Manchester Metropolitan University Mens 1st (Cheshire) 2 2 DRAW
Football Womens 1s Manchester Metropolitan University Womens 1st (Manchester) 7 1 WIN
Golf University of Sheffield Mixed 1st 1.5 4.5 LOSS
Hockey Womens 7 Durham University Womens 5th 0 17 LOSS
Hockey Mens 6 Leeds Beckett University (Carnegie) Mens 4th 2 0 WIN
Hockey Womens 6 Leeds Beckett University (Carnegie) Womens 4th
Hockey Womens 1 Loughborough University Womens 1st 2 8 LOSS
Hockey Womens 4 University of Hull Womens 1st 5 1 WIN
Hockey Womens 8 University of Hull Womens 2nd LOSS
Hockey Womens 5 University of York Womens 2nd 0 2 LOSS
Netball 1 Newcastle University Womens 2nd 28 29 LOSS
Netball 6 University of Huddersfield Womens 2nd 46 9 WIN
Netball 2 University of Sheffield Womens 1st 33 31 WIN
Netball 5 University of Sunderland Womens 1st 25 53 LOSS
Rugby Union Mens 2 Durham University Mens 4th 39 17 WIN
Rugby Union Mens 4 Newcastle University Mens 5th 0 36 LOSS
Rugby Union Mens 1 Northumbria University Mens 1st 17 17 DRAW
Rugby Union Womens University of Manchester Womens 1st 12 17 LOSS
Squash Mens 2 Durham University Mens 3rd 3 0
Squash Mens 3 Durham University Mens 4th 2 1 WIN
Squash Mens 1 University of Manchester Mens 2nd 4 1 WIN
Table Tennis Mens 2 University of Sunderland Mens 1st 0 17 LOSS
Tennis Mens 1 Leeds Beckett University (Carnegie) Mens 3rd
Tennis Womens 2 Sheffield Hallam University Womens 1st
Tennis Womens 1 University of Liverpool Womens 1st
Ultimate (Outdoor) University of York Mens 1st LOSS
Volleyball Womens Sheffield Hallam University Womens 1st
Volleyball Mens University of Central Lancashire Mens 1st 0 3 LOSS
Water Polo Mens Loughborough University Mens 1st

Coach Education – Massage Course Student Discount


The aims of the Coach Education Programme are to give students, staff and members of the public the opportunity to develop important skills and gain qualifications within all areas of sport.

This includes: coaching, officiating and performance support. We offer National Governing Body Awards, First Aid Qualifications, SCUK Workshops and Professional Fitness and Leisure Qualifications. All of our courses are priced to offer the best rates for our customers. Completing these courses with us can directly lead to paid work or give you the valuable experience needed in areas that interest you whilst providing you with contacts that will support you through your development in order to achieve your goals.

Upcoming courses:

Sports Massage course: Saturday 12th-Wednesday 16th December. Special student discount £500!
FA Basic Referee course: Starting Tuesday 1st December-£110
Futsal Referee Conversion Course: Friday 18th December-£40
Kinesiology Taping and Strapping: Sunday 20th December- £100

Still undecided if it is for you? Then have a read of a student who undertook one of the courses and how she made money from gaining a qualification. 

Sally Warren

Which courses have you done?

Sport and Remedial Massage Diploma

Why did you choose to do these courses?

At the end of my first year of my BSc Sports and Exercise Sciences degree, I developed an interest into rehabilitation and the hands on practicalities of treatment. Applying my theoretical knowledge and anatomy I knew sports massage would be a beneficial course for me to go on, providing me with extra skills, enhancing my degree knowledge and prospective for a physiotherapy masters.

Did you enjoy the course?

I really enjoyed the course. It was an intense week of working hard with a lot to learn but the course leaders were supportive and I felt learning it all together helped me grasp it in one go and learn efficiently. We practised the massage on different students throughout the week, having the opportunity to rotate and develop the massage skills on a variety of physiques, injuries, shapes and sizes.

Would you recommend these courses to others?

I would recommend the course to others if you are interested in rehabilitation, working in physiotherapy, or wanting extra practical skills to enhance your degree.

What have you used your qualifications for?

Since graduating at The University of Leeds with a 2:1 in Sports and Exercise Sciences in 2014, I am now studying my MSc Pre-Registration Physiotherapy degree at Kings College London to become a qualified physiotherapist. Having the massage diploma has proved to be extremely beneficial for me because on placements/ in the work environment I will have that extra knowledge and confidence. I have used my massage diploma for volunteering at pre/post running massages, sports club events, live events such as working backstage at the Clothes Show Live Birmingham with the top UK dancers, and my own private massaging. The more experience you can gain will help to enhance your skills further and you will have more of an advantage in the competitive field.

Have you gone onto any paid work as a result of your qualifications?

If you remain insured you can work self-employed or take your skills into sports teams or private massage. I have continued massaging as a result of my qualification since, both volunteering and paid.

What are you doing now?

Studying MSc Pre-Registration Physiotherapy

Sean Conway, Extreme Adventurer comes to Leeds

Ever considered cycling the length of Britain?
How about running the length of Britain?
What about swimming the length of Britain?

Meet Sean Conway, the first and only man to do all three.

Sean Conway is an extreme endurance adventurer and his next challenge is to complete a triathlon in one of the most inhospitable climates in the world; the arctic circle in Norway.

On December 1st Sean will be coming to the University of Leeds to talk about why he sold his business for just £1 to follow his dreams. He will reflect on what he has achieved and learnt about himself and there will be a question and answer session followed by the chance to meet Sean and have any books signed.

Tickets are only £5 + booking fee with £2.50 going towards the Gryphons Abroad charity project in South Africa.

Talk Details:

Date: 1st December
Time: 7 – 8.30pm
Location: Rupert Beckett lecture Theatre- University of Leeds
Cost: £5 + Booking Fee. £2.50 from each ticket sale will go towards the gryphons abroad charity project in South Africa.



Children in Need – Thank you!

The Edge News

A huge thank you to everybody who donated to our Children in Need collection on Friday during our cake sale. Another big thank you to all The Edge staff who helped bake and run the stall. We managed to raise a fantastic £371.23 for a wonderful cause!

BUCS Weekend Round Up

Student Sport Conference

BUCS doesn’t just take place on a Wednesday as we had multiple sports competing over the weekend with some great success.

Over the weekend University of Leeds Swim Club just missed out on top 10 team finish in the BUCS Swimming Short Course resulting overall 11th which is a fantastic result as they competed against Olympians throughout the weekend.

Fantastic swims from Will Rosson making the 200m mens freestyle final and Matt Brigham finishing 8th in the 200m backstroke final.

The final swims of the day saw Leeds smash the relays, with the mens and womens medley relay teams both finishing 7th in the A final.

swim BUCS

Down at The Edge University of Leeds boat club played hosts for the BUCS Yorkshire Indoor Rowing event which was a great success, with both the men’s and womens teams coming away medalling in the lightweight division.


For more information regarding BUCS Sport events and results please click here. 

Also a big well done to any students or staff braved the weather and took part in a very windy Leeds Abby Dash at the weekend.

Leeds Gryphons fly on the slopes

Snow sports

The women led the way on the BUCS Dryslope competition winning multiple events in Edinburgh over the weekend with Leeds Gryphons securing 64 BUCS points in total.

Scholar Gillian Finnerty won both the snowboard slope style and giant slalom, followed by silver in the big air and a respectful bronze in the board cross. On the flip side skier Jenny Davies impressed in the slalom, winning slalom gold and placing silver in the giant slalom.

Some solid performances in the boy’s team with Oliver Chapman securing bronze in the snowboard big air and Edward Midwater placed fifth in the ski big air.

Great work form Leeds Snowriders this weekend – inspired you to get on the slopes? Check out them out here.