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Halls of Residence students - Upgrade online

Halls students receive Edge Club membership.
Upgrade your membership online!

Fitness SuiteIf you are in a University of Leeds Hall of Residence, you automatically receive an Edge Club membership. This membership provides you with access to the facilities at off-peak hours. Please see here for further details.

You can upgrade your membership to an Edge Club Extra or Edge Club Premium to give you access during peak hours. The cost to upgrade are shown below:

Upgrade to Edge Club Extra Upgrade to Edge Club Premium
£40 £55


How to upgrade
The easiest way to upgrade is online. Simply choose Hall of Residence student and follow the click through options to payment.

3 year memberships
You also have the option to buy a 3 year membership. The price for this is substantially reduced and if you buy during online registration you will get your first year upgraded to Edge Club Premium for free.

3 year Edge Premium membership = £520

Membership Card
There is no seperate membership card. Your student card will act as your membership card.

Halls of Residence
Click here for a list of the University Halls that provide Edge Club membership.

Some Halls also have an additional gym facility onsite and these are listed on the Accomodation facility details.